Friday, April 2, 2010

If iPhone had a Dpad……

The iphone and ipod touch has become the next break out gaming platform. The app store has been a huge success with tons of games coming out each day. The iphone is a great way to get gaming out to people who otherwise would never thinking of buying a handheld such as a ds or psp. There is one snag for creating games on this platform, the only control scheme is a touch with limited screen real estate. Touch screens aren't the best way to control games, because of their sometimes unreliability and no feedback such as rumble. Take a game like Soosiz, a great platformer similar to a Mario. Unfortunately, because there are no real buttons on the iphone, the buttons have to be placed on the screen, taking up space and limiting your line of sight. Last year, apple released an update that allowed iphones to use third party peripherals. There have been very few developers to take advantage of these. If a game like Soosiz had a peripheral with a dpad and some buttons, the game would be as great as a $30 dollar game on ds, for only $3. A snap on peripheral could be a great thing for apple to make and sell. It They could make it in such a way it could be like a case, with a slide out set of buttons. I love the app store's pricing model, with the most expensive games being ten dollars. I feel a peripheral making the iphone a true gaming handheld, could be a huge success, and begin to compete with the likes of the ds and psp.

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