Wednesday, November 4, 2009

modern warfare 2 hype train

Modern warfare 2 will sell one a bajillion copies. We all know it. Do you realize all this controversy is the best advertisement they can get. All those boycotters and and haters are doing it. Infinity Ward is a genius. We all know why the acronom was F.A.G.S. I bet the first people to watch that were the haters. We know they're excited just as much as you and me. I have the game preordered. I don't care about dedicated servers. Who cares about the airport mission. You'll do the same thing in GTA. Let me say it again. Infinity Ward is a genius. That petition is nothing to worry about. When the day comes, half of the signers will be in line at gamestop. Marketing tricks us in ways we don't understand. Love the game, they'll make more, we'll love those too.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Nintendo: casual or hardcore?

Just about everyone in America and beyond owns a wii. By now, almost every hardcore nintendo fanboy is dissapointed with the big N's new direction. But is Nintendo truly all casual? Since the wii has launched, their has been a new Zelda, Mario, Smash Bros, Mario Kart, and Metroid. Yes, Nintendo does have the wii titles( sports resort, music, fit, and play. Think about this. Wii play was a wii remote, wii sports, was a wii pack in, even the new sports resort was a motion plus seller. Now, I have played everyone of these games and can honestly say I like all of them( except the abysmal wii music) and they are great party titles. Every game Nintendo makes is in some way catered to the hardcore even if it's a casual title. Wii sports resort is filled with secrets and unlockables, everything a gamer wants. Yes, Nintendo has definitely gone casual but has not left the hardcore gamers in the dust. In the next year or so, we have been promised two new mario titles, and a metroid game, even a new Zelda has been teased. I think Nintendo definitely needs to expand their hardcore library. Their is so much they can still do. A new starfox and kirby could definitely hold people over until a new mario or zelda gets released. I think Wario Land Shake It! was a perfect example of this, if only people bought it. It is a great game. So before saying Nintendo has ditched the hardcore, think of what has yet to come, and what has already been released.