Wednesday, November 4, 2009

modern warfare 2 hype train

Modern warfare 2 will sell one a bajillion copies. We all know it. Do you realize all this controversy is the best advertisement they can get. All those boycotters and and haters are doing it. Infinity Ward is a genius. We all know why the acronom was F.A.G.S. I bet the first people to watch that were the haters. We know they're excited just as much as you and me. I have the game preordered. I don't care about dedicated servers. Who cares about the airport mission. You'll do the same thing in GTA. Let me say it again. Infinity Ward is a genius. That petition is nothing to worry about. When the day comes, half of the signers will be in line at gamestop. Marketing tricks us in ways we don't understand. Love the game, they'll make more, we'll love those too.

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